With ten to twenty Healthcare Facilities under our belt in the past five years, we at Power Air Conditioning Corp. know and understand how to supply HVAC to a Nursing Home. We understand the Nursing Home requirements such as:

Speed and Expertise

We are always on time which we know to be especially important in the Healthcare facility. We have performed quick and painless installs and retrofits on healthcare with one such installation being completed in two weeks!


We understand the importance of time when working with Administrators. We will work with them by getting  to know the scheduling of both Nursing staff and patients and will work out our schedule accordingly.


We schedule our work around the patients timetable, ensuring that installation plus cleanups are completed on time for patient return to their rooms.

State Requirements

We know the protocols, temperature control requirements according to State Law. Understanding the legal implications ensures smooth workflow and efficient results on the project.


We offer you a Financial package solution which accomodates the Owner/Administrator to get the job done without the financial strain

Service Contracts

Emergency Service Crews

Running a 24- hour  facility means the need for 24 hour emergency crews for back up service and maintenance. We are available for you 24/7


We offer Representation and Consultation to Owners on existing jobs to ensure the job gets done properly.

Case Studies:

Two week Turnkey Retrocommisisoning in Pensylvania Nursing Home 

Chiller Recommisioning on a Coney Island Nursing Home Facility - 3 months

Installed 600 tons of Rooftop Units into a group of Nursing Homes in New Jersey.