innovation  efficiency  quality  reliability provides quick and efficient turnaround HVAC installations for 

Real Estate Developers

All tiers of the Construction Industry

The Healthcare Industry

Providing New hvac solutions 

Powerair remains on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry researching the latest products and applications and technology to implement new solutions for the client. 

Efficiency and economy

Under the helm of Don Emanuel, skilled team of Project Managers and Installers and Service Technicians are equipped with the knowledge of how to increase efficiency on your project to save you money. We especially love working on EPA and LEED accredited buildings and projects as this pairs well with our energy saving solutions and design efficiency goals to ensure a long term cost effective plan for your installation. And of course, continuous performance of your equipment .

When purchasing and installing an HVAC system, cost and energy efficiency and punctuality are the three top priorities for our customer . We ensure quality is not compromised in the equation.
— Don Emanuel , owner of Powerair.

Company goals

customer satisfaction. This is our first and last concern on a project.


Project Collaborations:  We work for Real Estate Developers, Construction companies, MEP Engineers, Architects and designers on all their building projects according to their specifications. We also offer Design/Build Projects to facets of the Healthcare Industry.

Integrated Solutions : We provide you a service from Plan and Spec , though Installation to Start up.

Post Installation Services : Services Warranties and Service Contracts available on all completed projects.

Consulting Services: Don Emanuel CEO of has accumulated knowledge and experience in all areas of HVAC across multi faceted industries and construction projects and has consulted on many projects helping to avoid costly mistakes. Consulting services are now available by contacting him via e mail:

Our Experience in the field

With over 30 years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge, provides seamless integration of environmental control systems. 

Seamless Finishes

The focus with us is what you don’t see. Our trademark seamless spotless installations have earned us a pristine reputation with our clients.
— Isaac Belsky, Project Manager
A bedroom in a Park Ave Apartment fitted out with HVAC equipment from start to finish , by Powerair.

A bedroom in a Park Ave Apartment fitted out with HVAC equipment from start to finish , by Powerair.